Employment opportunities

Interested adults:

From April to October, We hire interested adults for 6 to 18 hours a week. This might be 3 to 6 hours during the week, or only on weekends and sometimes Fridays. We try to accommodate everyone who has a love of plants: beginners, parents who want an alternate ego experience - hands on with plants and soil (WOW), seniors who miss their own gardens. Contact Kris at 250-352-3317 or email pplbc@telus.net

Students: - ages 15 and up - younger with special recommendation and parental consent.

From April to October, we hire students to help with all sorts of different yard and garden tasks. The hours are similar to 'adults', above. We also encourage gifted students to come after school. The school bus stops at the bottom of our driveway. If you know of a student who would be interested in such work, please have him or her contact Kris at 250-352-3317. or pplbc@telus.net. Students should submit at least one reference from an unrelated adult. Note: Students under the age of 16 must have parental consent - in writing.

all employees: 

Note the dress code: If your mother or grandmother would be embarassed to see you in the grocery store, change your clothes.

to bring: water bottle, dress for the weather - rain or shine, we work: layers are recommended, hat, sun screen and bug spray. gloves are optional. Have good supportive non-slip footwear, if you are working 4 hours or more - bring food. We will need your Social Insurance Number. 

I'm looking forward to having you as part of our team. Cheers, Kris