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Phone 250 551 4567 email

1549 Granite Rd
Nelson, BC, V1L 6T6

How you find us:

We are located on the South side of Granite Road, one mile west of  Nelson, British Columbia. Driving west from Nelson, at the flashing amber light turn left onto Granite Rd. Go past the left turn (Knox Rd). On your right you will pass Nelson Chrysler Auto Body and then Herb’s Wheel Alignment and Mechanical About one city block further, you will see Kris Witt Accounting and Primarily Perennials on your left.

Our 1549 street number is on a “school bus yellow” sign & post on the west side of the driveway.

Please ignore the closed sign at the bottom of my road. My neighbour's business is closed. We are open for you.

Please ignore the “private road” and other “keep out” signs. Drive up and to the left to the large blue house with the Kris Witt Accounting awning. Park on an angle or parallel to the house or park behind Kris’ white Subaru. Please do not block the upper driveway or my westerly neighbour’s access. If we are not out in the front field... weekdays, stop in at the farm house, ring the bell at the screen door (south entrance) or call 250 551 4567 It may take me a couple of minutes to come down from the upper fields. Please enjoy the gardens while you wait. 

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Check our CATALOGUE. click the link. save the spreadsheet using whatever name you like. Then, a box with your selected file name will appear on the lower left corner of your screen. click the box. Wait for youir spreadsheet to open.

Once in your spreadsheet you can widen the columns, you can sort by: common name, botanical name, height, spread, sun/shade, colour, bloom time, water requirements or zone. You can do many things with this spreadheet: You can use the botanical name to search the internet for more information about the plant. You can bold the items that interest you and delete everything else. Print the bold list and bring it with you.