Thank you for inquiring about our plants and services. I started gardening in 1974, specializing in prennials started in 1993. I have a passion for plants. We are committed to providing to you the Right plant for the Right place.

2024 we are in the process of closing the business. Our commitment to all of our goals continues, but is moving into retirement. 

getting started

The bones of the farm began in the early 1990's. Many of the plants we offer are from this original planting. Most of the plants we offer from the farm are varieties we have overwintered on the farm. Many plants have lived here for a year or more, their ‘mommies’ may have been here for decades. They are not afraid of anything: snow, ice, biting winds, dogs, cats, bugs, extreme heat and some can be walked on!

growing on

Most of our retail plants are grown in fabric bags in the ground. These plants seldom suffer from root circling. They do not have roots that are toasted by sun or frozen by cold nights/days. They enjoy feeding from the soil which surrounds them. We pop them out of our garden. You remove the bag and tuck them into the selected spot in your garden. They hardly know they have been moved!  Indeed, most spread their ‘wings’ and progress wonderfully in the first year! Because of this technique, you can be assured that plants from our ‘bagged’ inventory can be planted anytime from thaw to freeze up. at end of each section link to dbase


One of our ‘horns to toot’ is the variety and quality of plants available from thaw to freeze. We also provide many smaller bargain plants ($4-$6+) for those with more patience and a tighter budget for the scope of their goals. We carry a large variety of mature ‘instant garden’ quality ($8-$10+). We also have many unusual plants. Frequently, the cost of the unusual is higher as royalties and licences are required. Primarily Perennials Ltd. is a member of COPF and obeys the rules related to plant licencing and payment of royalties.


We usually have over 200 varieties ready for sale and frequently have over 400 plant varieties available. Our plant inventory for starts is well over 500 varieties. Many of our plants have been grown from seed, or division or other herbaceous cloning techniques. We prefer cloning for purity of variety.


We carry a variety of pond plants including lilies and margin plants including variegated iris, unicorn and straight juncus, marsh marigold, and grasses.


We have a wonderful variety of other grasses, including a hardy ‘pampas’, some lovely blue grasses from 6" to 24",  red grasses from 18" to 5 feet, and feathered and fountain grasses.


We also carry: Japanese Maple, hedging cedars, Live Christmas trees from 1' to 5', link to xmas tree care Douglas Fir, spirea, forsythia, weigela, butterfly bushes, many other shrubs and trees. Many of these have been grown on the farm from seed or cutting, others have lived with us for several years. 

visiting the farm

You are welcome to tour our display gardens from 10AM to 4PM most days. Please phone ahead and stop in at the office or main house to let us know when you are on the land. If you would like a conducted tour, please make an appointment for a staff member to accompany you.

test gardens

You may see some plants struggling - we try plants in various locations and situations in order to have hands and eyes on experience with the plants. Thus, some of our gardens are test plots, e.g.: nearly pure sand with extreme heat and little or no water; boggy conditions; large and small ponds; fruits of many types; deer path temptresses; shade with little or no water; etc. We have these test plots so we can learn and tell you how various plants will perform in difficult situations.

soil amendments

PLEASE do not amend your soil without asking us. I remember a client who killed a very lovely azalea by applying lime. He had read in a Vancouver newspaper that most gardens need lime. Most Kootenay gardens do not need lime (Vancouver does, due to the rain), and specifically, the rhododendron/ azalea family HATE LIME.

plant listings

Please review our list of available plants. We will do our best, but we cannot guarantee that any specific plant will be available when you order it. We are not in charge of floods, excessive droughts, failure of a water system, other sudden catastrophe, or your neighbour beating you to the preferred posy!

Invasive plants

We are aware of the ‘noxious weeds’ issues in our area (brochures available at Kris Witt Accounting). We will not knowingly provide to you any of these plants.


Our service rates are: (subject to change without notice)
Landscape consulting, design and supervision $45 per hour. We have a minimum site charge of $20.