Plant Tips and Traps

 a few favourites for pollinators: Aquilegia aka columbine, asters, bleeding heart, Cushion spurge,  Echinacea, Erigeron alpinus aka fleabane Eryngium aka sea holly,  Foxglove, Geranium - bigroot,  Monarda, Phlox, PoppyScabiosa, Sedums (we have several varieties), Veronica (we have 3 varieties), basil, chives, oregano, thyme.

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Late April, the forsythia are in bloom. It is time to prune the roses. Start by cutting off any damaged stalks/stems. All cuts should be at an angle (/ or \) so the moisture doesn't pool and create rot. All cuts should be just above a node (a slightly swollen spot where new branches will grow). The chosen node should not face into the middle of the plant.  Cut some forsythia blooms for the house, they are wonderful cut flowers! enjoy the scent, add a few nearly open tulips.