Have a merry Christmas and Happy New Year! if these are not for you, then enjoy what ever activities make your holiday season happy. Enjoy winter activities. and in the quiet times....

Look at your winter garden. Are there some 'bones' (bones are woody trees and shrubs and garden structures) that will add to your enjoyment of your winter view?

Spend some time with your garden photos. Dream about next year's garden. 

What is needed in each garden to make it better than it already is?

Check our CATALOGUE. click the link. The searchable data base will open promptly. You can save it using whatever name you like for later referral, or return to our site any time.

You can search by: common name, botanical name, height, spread, sun/shade, colour, bloom time, water requirements or zone. 

The Saturday before Mother's day we will be at the Nelson Garden Festival with some terrific spring specials. We also attend the Kaslo show during May days - usuallly the Garden Festival is on the Sunday.

You can call or email ahead to find out if we have the items on your list. Looking forward to seeing you in spring!