Spring to it...

Lots and lots of great things happen in spring. March to June. The most important thing you can do is enjoy the huge variety of spring blossoms. Need more blooms? Need more interesting plants? come and see us. We have lots and lots of varieties of spring blooming plants. We have over 400 varieties of perennials, shrubs and trees. 

Mid June come and see our Iris Collection. Most are double and scented!

Check our CATALOGUE. click the link. The searchable data base will open promptly. You can save it using whatever name you like for later referral, or return to our site any time.

You can search by: common name, botanical name, height, spread, sun/shade, colour, bloom time, water requirements or zone.

to do list: 

□ pruning, roses - after forsythia comes into bloom. sping blooming shrubs after the blooms are finished.
□ cleaning gardens, remove all dead, yucky stuff. I rake the mulch to fluff it up, but I don't dig it in. Given time, the sorms and other creatures of the soil will 'dig it in' for me and in a more earth friendly manner :-)

□ slug-em - if you use something to get rid of slugs, check with your local garden supply centre for the safest product. If you don't want any chemicals, obtain strips of copper and surround your plants. Slugs don't like to cross copper as they get a mild shock when they do. However, this does trap existing slugs inside the wire, so use beer trays or other earth friendy methods to trap the slugs. 

Set out the garden ‘toys and solar displays’.
Give the ponds the special care they need in spring, skimming, bottom cleaning, pumps, prepare for summer fountains.

Prune roses and other spring pruning. 
service mowers & weed-eaters & heavy equipment
set up irrigation system for the summer 

don't feed the fish until the water is warm enough. 50 to 55 F.

use Miracid (tm) or other special fertilizer for acid loving plants such as azalea and rhododendron 

use other recommended fertilizers & or compost. Spring bulbs need a good fertilizing well before the leaves die off. 
and more and more. there is so... much to do. esp..

Weeding, of course, the spring weeds are the worst, except for the summer & fall weeds :-)