Our goal: "to provide the best plant at the lowest price with the best advice"

reach me at krismwitt09@gmail.com or 250 551 4567 to ensure I will be available to assist you. Open from 11 to 3

2024 AP 9: we have marsh marigold, just coming to bloom, drumstick primula, pulmonaria - several varieties... more to come.

Why “Primarily Perennials”?  In addition to perennial flowers, we also grow trees, shrubs, various perennial fruits and herbs, . Primarily, we propagate and grow perennials.

Source of our plants Most of our plants have been grown from seed or cloned from ‘mommy plants’ who live at the Witt farm. We do not greenhouse. My ‘from seed’ babies are lovingly started inside my home and ‘pushed out of the nest’ into the great outdoors as soon as possible. Our plants aren’t afraid of rain, snow, freezing, or most bugs, Many are deer resistant. The inventory list provided between October and April is exclusively plants which have overwintered in our fields. These plants are usually twice the size of the competition's plants.

Selection 2024 we have fewer varieties and fewer plants. Spring bloomers are looking lovely (April 9 2024) Historic: Including mommy plants, we have nearly 700 plant varieties in stock. At any point in time we usually have about 400 varieties available for sale. Kris and Nadine are both very knowledgeable and can help you select the best plant to meet your gardening needs: sun, soil, water, zone, blooming time, easy maintenance, scent, attract or not attract pollinators & wildlife, children friendly, exotic or good value for a tight budget. We have grown and are still growing most of our varieties in our personal, experimental and demonstration gardens.

Our farm is primarily organic. If you have a concern regarding organic - ask us. Kris can tell you which plants may have had a slug bait used near them. Slug bait is the worst thing we use near plants for sale.

Plant in a bag © * Many of our ready to sell plants are transferred to special fabric bags, manufactured by us, then planted in our fields. Our plants send out feeder roots and obtain water and nutrients through the bag. Our plants do not suffer from extreme changes in water, or heat and cold on the walls of pots. This allows 

When moved to their new homes, the bag is removed, some feeder roots are lost, but a signficant root mass is in good condition. Recovery time is significantly shorter than traditional greenhouse ‘in a pot’ plants. Our plant in a bag ©  especially shines in the mid and late summer when we have a large variety of strong, healthy plants which are transplant ready. 

All plants need extra care with watering in the first year. Our plants are more forgiving/ resilient. * Some ‘tap rooted’ perennials and heavier rooted plants, including trees and shrubs do require special care and are best planted either spring or fall, rather than the heat of summer.

We have demonstration gardens which you are welcome to visit on weekends from mid May to mid October by appointment.

Our specialties include: low maintenance, drought tolerant plants. AND We are familiar with which plants are deer resistant and those which attract desirable wildlife, butterflies, bees, birds, etc.. We have pond lilies and plants for pond margins or bogs, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. While you are here, check out our trees, shrubs and grasses. In addition to evergreens, we have hazelnut, walnut, and Italian prune plum trees. Don't miss out on the flowering shrubs and the Japanese maples. 

Pricing We make every effort to price competitively with other professional plant distributors. Pricing varies by the maturity of the plant in addition to ease of propagation.

Our plants are often twice as big as those available at other outlets, our prices are not. Most are acclimated to Zone 5 or lower.

Special orders We have good relationships with several other BC growers and can special order additional plants that you may need. Large orders (18 or more of the same variety) enjoy a 15% discount.

Plant availability please see our plant data base . Availability changes throughout the season. While we make every effort, we cannot guarantee that the plant you want will be available at the price or time you want it. We will hold prepaid plants for future pickup.